7 Vegetarian Cities in Europe That Will Stop Your Hunger

It’s no secret that meat-centric dishes dominate the menus in many European countries. There was probably a time when being a vegetarian in Europe simply meant more greens on your ham sandwich. But things have changed. These days, you don’t have to go hungry if you’re a traveling vegetarian. Nor will you have to cater exclusively for yourself. Here are 7 vegetarian cities that are leading the no-meat way in Europe.

Vegetarian cities in Europe

1. Berlin, Germany

Traditional German restaurateurs might scowl if you ask for a meat-free dish, but the country’s capital has seen the light. Berlin offers an incredible array of vegetarian restaurants. They serve up everything from vegan ice cream through to the ultimate veggie burgers. Most vegetarian restaurants in Berlin are not just high quality – as you might expect, they’re also impressively hip and stylish.

One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: Culinary Misfits (www.culinarymisfits.de) is the Berlin vegetarian restaurant of the moment. They serve up aesthetically “ugly” vegetables rejected by mainstream stores in a range of delectable dishes.

Vegetarian cities in Europe | A beautiful bowl of Guacamole in Berlin

2. London, England

London has an incredible number of vegan and vegetarian eateries. As a vibrant cosmopolitan hub, this is no surprise. You’ll find these restaurants throughout the city – some estimates put the number of veggie-friendly spots at more than 300. And now that the Eurostar high-speed train is included in your Eurail Pass, there’s no reason not to visit this vibrant capital.

One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: Tibits (www.tibits.co.uk) may just be the city’s most popular vegetarian and vegan restaurant. They offer stylish, tasty meals for sit-down or takeaway, charged by weight.

Vegetarian cities in Europe | Salad plate at Tibits

Photograph kindly provided by Tibits.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm may not have as many meat-free restaurants that you’ll find in vegetarian cities like Berlin and London. But if you’re after only the best fine-dining vegetarian fare, you can’t skip this popular Scandinavian city – it’s home to one of Europe’s best. Most vegetarian restaurants are located in the heart of Stockholm, so head there if you’re in doubt.

One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: Many think Hermans (www.hermans.se) is the best vegetarian restaurant in Europe. They offer an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet with an incredible view over the city.

Vegetarian cities in Europe | An employee filling food in Hermans vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm

Photograph by Shiri Gottlieb Eliaz and kindly provided by Hermans.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Traditional Czech dishes tend to be meat with a side of more meat, but the capital city Prague is starting to change things up. You’ll find a range of trendy vegetarian places where you can find delectable meat-free alternatives to local cuisine.

One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: Maitrea (www.restaurace-maitrea.cz) is a beautiful contemporary vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Old Town Prague. It offers a selection of Czech dishes.

Vegetarian cities in Europe | Fresh vegetables with rice in Prague

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch make no excuses for their love of hearty meat dishes, but recent years have seen a surge in vegetarian establishments throughout the country. Amsterdam is now up there amongst the best vegetarian cities in Europe. You’ll find everything from trendy vegetarian street food and healthy juices, through to homely meals and upscale fine dining.

One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: Vegabond (www.vegabond.nl) is the perfect spot to pick up a quick, healthy vegan takeaway to eat somewhere scenic nearby.

Vegetarian cities in Europe | The vegetarian restaurant Vegabond i n Amsterdam

Photograph kindly provided by Vegabond.

6. Paris, France

Paris is never one to lag behind on culinary trends. Vegetarians can travel to the French capital comfortable in the knowledge that their dining options are well-covered. Although vegetarian and vegan establishments in Paris are usually chic and trendy, there are about 200 restaurants that cater to a range of budgets.

One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: La Boucherie Végétarienne (www.la-boucherie-vegetarienne.com) is a stylish, quirky restaurant perfect for a quick and tasty meat-free, or meat replacement, meal.

Vegetarian restaurants in Europe | Veggie beet and quinoa burger with avocado in Paris

7. Vienna, Austria

Meat eaters revel in Vienna’s schnitzels and hot dogs, but the Austrian capital also caters widely to vegetarians. Unlike rural Austria, where the closest you may get to a vegetarian dish is picking the sausage out of your soup, in Vienna you can dine on tasty vegetables in style.

One vegetarian restaurant not to miss: Head to Harvest Bistro (www.harvest-bistrot.at) if you’re looking for tasty breakfast or buffet-style vegetarian meals with a great view of Karmeliterplatz.

Vegetarian cities in Europe | Tasty tomato gratin in Vienna

Being a traveling vegetarian or vegan isn’t always easy. This is particularly true in parts of Europe where meat is still the focal point of most dishes. Fortunately, the continent’s bigger and more cosmopolitan cities are seeing the light, and vegetarian restaurants are starting to pop up all over the place. There’s now a good chance that you’ll find a decent vegetarian meal to help recharge your batteries on your next Eurail trip. You might even be eager enough to write home about it!

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