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Your Guide to Train Travel in Slovenia



Slovenia is best known for its splendid natural beauty. You’ll find mountains, lakes, ski resorts, characterful towns, manageable cities, and an efficient and comprehensive railway...

Spring in Europe: The Best Countries for 2017



Spending spring in Europe is an excellent idea. Locals are coming out of hibernation as temperatures warm up and days become longer. Life is beginning to take hold in the continent...

The Best Things to Do in Bled, Slovenia



Bled is home to Slovenia’s only island, but for many it’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This small resort town, just a short train ride away from the capital Ljub...

Outdoor Activities near Lake Bled, Slovenia



Lake Bled is hemmed in by the stunning Julian Alps and quilted in verdant greenery. It’s dubbed as one of the last wildernesses of Slovenia. In the area surrounding Lake Bled...