24 Hours in Prague

Prague is supposedly the inspiration for Disneyland because of its beautiful pastel-colored buildings, but there’s more to this city than what meets the eye. Peel away the historically rich facades, fall off the beaten path, and get a taste of local spots in Prague. If you’re short on time, here’s our guide on what you can do in Prague in a day.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague, Charles Bridge

Prague in a Day

9:00 a.m | Coffee at EMA Espresso Bar

Start your morning off with a carefully crafted cup of coffee at EMA Espresso bar where they source beans from micro-roasteries in Europe. If you’re not into coffee, then you can enjoy a cup of fresh mint tea with a pastry.

Insider tip: Take full advantage of the barista’s expertise, and let them surprise you with a cup of coffee.

How to get there: Take line B on the subway to the Náměstí Republiky stop, or the C to Florenc.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague, EMA Espresso Bar

Prague in a day | EMA Espresso Bar

10:00 a.m. | Artel Concept Store

This unique design store can satisfy your need to go to a modern art museum without spending the money. It has a blend of artwork such as classical Bohemian glass, geometrically patterned home decor, and locally made jewelry, all with a modern twist.

Insider tip: Make sure to go downstairs to the art gallery.

How to get there: Walk 18 minutes from EMA Espresso Bar, or take the B to Můstek.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague, ARTĚL Concept Store

Prague in a day | ARTĚL Concept Store © Copyright ARTĚL Glass 2016

10:15 a.m. | Charles Bridge

Of course visiting Prague in a day wouldn’t be complete without seeing the famous Charles Bridge that links the two sides of the city. Lined with Baroque statues of religious figures, paved in cobblestone, and overlooking the Vltava river, this is the ultimate spot for a selfie that screams, “Hey, I went to Prague!”

Insider tip: If you’re an early bird, try get to the bridge at 6 a.m. You’ll have most of it to yourself.

How to get there: Walk 3 minutes from Artel Concept Store. Otherwise, the nearest stop is the A at Staroměstská.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague | Charles Bridge

Prague in a day | Charles Bridge

10:30 a.m. | Café Kaficko

For a mid-morning snack, stop by Café Kaficko, a welcoming and cozy cafe that’s remained unspoiled and true to its roots for over a decade.

Insider tip: Get the hot chocolate, which resembles more of a melted chocolate bar than a drink. You can also try a traditional Czech honey cake with fresh ginger tea, a popular drink in Prague.

How to get there: Walk 4 minutes from the Charles Bridge. The closest subway stop is on the A at Malostranská.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague, honey cake in Café Kaficko

Prague in a day | Traditional Czech honey cake

11:00 a.m. | Cihelna Concept Store

Cihelna Concept Store is a minimal designer’s heaven that specializes in works from local Czech artists. You’ll find everything from home furnishings to jewelry, and even get to listen to good music as you shop.

Insider tip: The store lies on the Vltava river and is a great, lesser-known spot for a full-length view of the Charles Bridge.

How to get there: Walk 2 minutes from Cafe Kaficko. The closest stop is on line A at Malostranská.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague | Charles Bridge

Prague in a day | A full-length view of Charles Bridge from outside the Cilhelna Concept Store

12:00 p.m. | Old Town Square

Head over to Old Town Square to marvel at architecture that has basically been untouched since the 10th century.

Insider tip: Hang around to catch street musicians or performers, which make the square as colorful as the buildings surrounding it.

How to get there: Walk 14 minutes from the Cihelna Concept Store. Otherwise, the nearest stop is on the A at Staroměstská.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague, Old Town Square

Prague in a day | Old Town Square

1:00 p.m. | Naše Maso

Prague’s beginning to see a revival in the art of butchery in which Naše Maso stands out on top. As a lover of high-quality meats, Naše Maso’s a great option to get the best meatloaf you’ve ever had, traditional Czech goulash, or steak tartare.

Insider tip: This place gets crowded so grab a seat as soon as one opens up.

How to get there: Walk 8 minutes from Old Town Square.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague, Naše Maso

Prague in a day | Beer and water is poured from faucets in the wall at Naše Maso

2:00 p.m. | Museum of Communism

To get a glimpse of communism and its propaganda, censorship, and general lifestyle, head to the Museum of Communism. It’s a small museum but it’s packed with detail and curated with care.

Insider tip: Jump into any big hotel surrounding it to get a 20% off coupon.

How to get there: Walk 13 minutes from Nâse Maso, or take line A to Mustek.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague | Museum of Communism, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in a day | Reconstructed classroom in the Museum of Communism

4:00 p.m. | Cold War Museum Fallout Shelter Tour

Now that you’ve got a good base of Communism, head to the Jalta Boutique Hotel to see Communism come to life in this secret underground bunker.

Insider tip: Make a reservation for the tour in your language (English, Czech, or German). English tours are available Friday to Sunday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

How to get there: Walk 5 minutes from the Museum of Communism. Otherwise, the nearest stop is on the A at Mustek or Muzeum.

Prague in a Day | 24 hours in Prague | Cold War Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in a day | Emergency exit tunnel in shelter. Photo used with permission from Jalta Boutique Hotel

7:00 p.m. | Ristorante Pagana

As soon as you take a step into Ristorante Pagana, you’ll be welcomed into this fine dining establishment as if you were part of the family who own it. Release the tension in your feet from walking around all the day with a bottle of wine, and try any pasta dish like the duck pappardelle to experience the true meaning of “al dente”.

Insider tip: Ask the server to create an off-the-menu dish especially for you.

How to get there: Take the B to the Národní třída stop.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague | Pagana Restaurant, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in a day | Pagana Restaurant

9:30 p.m. | Beer Geek

Skip older Czech pubs and try out Beer Geek: a newer bar focused on serving quality, craft beer.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague, Beer Geek

Prague in a day | Choose from a long row of beers at Beer Geek

Insider tip: With 30 beers to choose from, it’s best to let one of the beer connoisseurs pick out the best one for your palate.

How to get there: Take the A to the Jiřího z Poděbrad stop.

What To Do In Prague If You Have More Time

Do you have more than a day in Prague? Head to Letná Park, in front of the Hanavský Pavilion, to get a classic shot of all the bridges lined up on the Vltava river.

Prague in a day | 24 hours in Prague | View from Letná Park

Prague in a day | View from Letná Park

Discovering Prague in a day will keep you busy from morning to night. Whether you’re coming from Berlin or heading to Vienna, make sure you stop in this city for a deeper glimpse into Europe’s Disneyland.

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