How to Get to the Bay of Kotor with the Eurail Pass

Resembling a snake that slithers into the sea, the Bay of Kotor is a beautiful winding inlet along the Adriatic coast. It’s one of Montenegro’s most famous destinations. The bay seduces with spearmint blue water, scenic coastal drives, and picturesque towns like Tivat, Perast, and Herceg Novi. Get lost in time in Kotor’s Old Town, drive along the coast from town to town, or simply spend your days swimming in the sea — the Bay of Kotor is sure to charm you.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro with Eurail

Bay of Kotor

Getting to Bay of Kotor from Bar

Montenegro’s train network doesn’t reach as far as Kotor, but it will bring you to the coastal town of Bar. From there, the only way to get to the bay is by bus. The port city of Bar is the final station on the train route in Montenegro. The bus station in Bar is just a few minutes’ walk from the train station. You can easily book your tickets when you arrive. It is fairly easy to find the stations and buy your ticket.

Buses from Bar to Kotor leave almost every hour, with 10 departures daily. The first part of the journey goes along the winding coast, past popular beach towns like Petrovac and Budva. It can get rather crowded on the bus in summer as plenty of Montenegrins flock to the beach towns for some sun, but once you leave the coast behind, you’ll have the bus to yourself.

The bus journey varies from one hour 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the route it takes. Several companies operate the route — some only have 4 stops, while others may have almost 10 stops.

The bus ride costs between €7 and €9.50 depending on which company you’re traveling with. If you’d like to store your luggage in the coach storage area, the bus company charges a separate fee of €1.

In Kotor, the bus station is a ten-minute walk from the Old Town. If you plan to stay in other parts of the bay, take the Blue Line bus from the terminal. The route will bring you to almost every town along the bay. The final destinations is Tivat in one direction and Herceg Novi in the other.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro with Eurail

Bay of Kotor

Top 5 things to do in Bay of Kotor

  1. Get lost in Kotor’s old town

    Kotor’s stunning Stari Grad (Montenegrin for “old town”) is surely the biggest attraction of the area, thanks to its centuries-old Venetian-style buildings and piazzas. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kotor’s Old Town is a small but endearing enclave of churches, monasteries, restaurants and shops.  Stay in a stone house hotel here and spend your time in the St. Tryphon’s Cathedral or Maritime Museum.

  2. Climb up to the fortifications for a good view

    Poised 1,200 feet above the Old Town, St John’s Fortress overlooks Kotor and the bay with a mighty prowess dating back to the 6th century. Today, curious travelers often brave the 1,350 steps that lead to the fortress for a slice of history and the spectacular views. The ascent takes around an hour and costs €3.

  3. Explore the bay on kayak

    To see the bay from a different perspective, paddle the bay on kayaks. You’ll see the coastal villages, monasteries, and surrounding mountains on a closer level. Adventure Montenegro offers 3-hour guided kayak tours around the bay for €20.

  4. Visit charming hamlets along the bay

    The windy shoreline of the bay is peppered with whimsical, out-of-this-world villages that have seemingly stood still in time. Wander around the UNESCO site of Perast and its towering church towers, take a water taxi to the tiny Sveti Dorde island in the middle of the bay, or feast on fresh seafood in the laidback village of Prčanj. Get ready to be swept off your feet.

  5. Drive up to Mount Lovćen

    Looming above Kotor is the impressive Mount Lovćen, standing at approximately 1,749m above sea level. Lovćen National Park features vertical slopes covered with green vegetation and grey granite rocks, giving the area a rather dramatic look. The drive up to Mount Lovćen only takes around two hours and offers awe-inspiring vistas. The mausoleum of Petar Petrovic Njegos, a 19th century ruler and poet, stands at the peak. From there, soak up views of the Adriatic Sea, Skadar Lake, and mountain peaks in the north .

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