Eurail Stories, by You: September

Summer is over, but that hasn’t stopped the Eurail adventures. Check out the Eurail stories from September and find out what you can see in Europe by train!

Our favorite Eurail stories

Selfie of males on a train ride

“Bruges to Brussels. Spending time in the train, just having fun!” Location: Belgium. Instagram: @Gabri17g

Manarola, Cinque Terre on a sunny day

“Magical view of Manarola, Cinque Terre.” Location: La Spezia, Italy. Instagram: @liarenna

Eiffel Tower lit up at night

“Day or night, ‘Ei-ffel’ for you Paris.” Instagram: @_shann._

Female sitting by water outside Vajdahunyad Castle

“Budapest (Hungary): It’s full of nice places. Here is one of the hundreds of cool things in the city.” Location: Vajdahunyad Castle. Instagram: @elenaviciana

Bernina Express train going through Swiss mountain scenery

“The first train of the day from St. Moritz to Tirano runs along the shore of Lago Bianco. The Bernina Line for sure is my favourite railway in Europe.” Location: Ospizio Bernina, Switzerland. Instagram: @raildudeflow

Colorful buildings along a street in Prague

“Wandering through the streets of Prague (Czech Republic) we stumbled upon this colorful corner just as the clouds disappeared, leading to an explosion of colors.” Instagram: @alexce96

Long thick clouds passing through Hallstatt village

“Hallstatt (Austria) has to be the cutest town I have ever visited.” Instagram: @feelmyjulian

Male cycling in Amsterdam

“Riding around Amsterdam’s parks trying to hatch Pokemon eggs.” Location: Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Instagram: @mattpriestley17

Cable car through Keltenblitz

“On our way to the Keltenblitz Summer Toboggan Run!” Location: Keltenblitz, Hallein, Austria. Instagram: @saulgilsenan

Umbrella display at Avignon festival in France

“Umbrella display at Avignon festival (France).” Instagram: @Benjilium

Female looking over an ancient Greek amphitheater

“Admiring the stunning visas of Taormina, Sicily (Italy), from its ancient Greek Amphitheater. This summer I railed from Sicily to southern Spain, going through France – Taormina is amongst the most stunning the Med has to offer.” Instagram: @liavictorie

"The majestic and breathtaking Matterhorn. Truly loved every second of my time there. Oh how I wish I could go back to Switzerland now." Instagram: @justashiqah

“The majestic and breathtaking Matterhorn. Truly loved every second of my time there. Oh how I wish I could go back to Switzerland now.” Instagram: @justashiqah

Florence architecture

“Always an exciting feeling when you get to explore new and amazing places!” Location: Florence, Italy. Instagram: @rica_rixx

Group of males sitting on the edge of water in Venice

“Venice, you are stunning.” Location: Venice, Italy. Instagram: Instasazzy

Village building with mountainous background

“After hiking for 4 hours we came to a stop in Warth (Austria) for some beer and explored the small town, we were not disappointed with any of the views.” Instagram: genevievefreeman

Selfie of paragliders with Interlaken and mountains in the background

“I call this Gliding With Geat. I spent a summer studying abroad in Spain, but I took a two week excursion around the lower half of Europe. For a few days, I roamed around Switzerland and decided to go paragliding. My paragliding pilot was named Geat, and he was so much fun.” Location: Interlaken. Instagram: @astrick4

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