Eurail Stories, by You: November

Although the leaves are falling down to make way for winter, some of you were still chasing the sun last month! Eurail travelers made their way to beautiful destinations across Europe, stretching from Spain all the way to Turkey. Here are some of the best Eurail stories from November.

Our favorite Eurail stories

Evening view of Prague.

“When night falls Prague turns into one of the most romantic cities of Europe.” Location: Prague, Czech Republic. Instagram: @cathai.chiem

Samaria Gorge in Greece

“Hiking Samaria Gorge, Crete, Greece.” Instagram:

Aerial view over Barcelona

“Beautiful views of Barcelona.” Location: Barcelona, Spain. Instagram: @christopherdamaris

Blue Mosque in Istanbul at sunset

“This beautiful sight of the Blue Mosque and the melodious Adhan makes you feel blessed.” Location: Istanbul, Turkey. Instagram: @karanjhanwer

Venice canal and buildings

“Dreamy Venice.” Location: Venice, Italy. Instagram: @christopherdamaris

“Stunning view of Dubrovnik Old Town.” Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia. Instagram: @tiagosoudo

“Stunning view of Dubrovnik Old Town.” Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia. Instagram: @tiagosoudo

Person using a Toblerone chocolate packaging to complete mountain image

“Discovering Zermatt!” Location: Zermatt, Switzerland. Instagram: @Maneboza

Train tracks in Italy with the Fort of Bard and mountains in the distance

“The first thing you see when you get off the train in Bard is the imposing Fort of Bard wedged in the mountains between Italy, Switzerland and France. The Fort is incredible, the view is amazing and the best thing is that the visit is for free.” Location: Bard, Italy. Instagram: @estevesmartinss

Old Town Square in Warsaw at night

“Beautiful Poland :)” Location: Old Town Square, Warsaw, Poland. Instagram: @kapkap_

Montserrat Monastery and Natural Park outside of Barcelona

“Montserrat Monastery and Natural Park outside of Barcelona, Spain.” Instagram: @scolliemott

View over Salzburg at dusk

“Ran around the breathtaking town of Salzburg today singing the sound of music.” Location: Salzburg, Austria. Instagram: @stagnantgypsy_nvm

Female looking over Bergen on a cloudy day

“Hiking with my love.” Location: Bergen, Norway. Instagram: @tealeyez

White walls within Poble Espanyol in Barcelona

Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, Spain. Instagram: @gamzetrnn

Pair gliding through Chamonix Valley in France

“Spent this fine autumn day gliding through Chamonix valley and admiring the world!” Location: Chamonix, France. Instagram: @wonderfulwanderland

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy. Instagram: @gamzetrnn

Scenery from train ride between Vienna and Graz

“As seen from the rail ride from Vienna to Graz! Mountains, rail rides, and Europe are a must do/see thing! As clichéd as they sound, such beautiful they are.” Location: En route Graz to Vienna in Austria, with pretty little stations in between. Instagram: @themoodyfoodie21

Female at Roman Forum on a sunny day

“Having fun in the forum, it was such an amazing experience.” Location: Rome, Italy. Instagram: @macramefj

Waiting point for cable car to Schilthorn

“While waiting for the cable car to go up to Schilthorn.” Location: Birg, Switzerland. Instagram: @maryamshaheeda

View of Aigle Castle in Switzerland

Aigle Castle in Aigle, Switzerland. Instagram: @karanjhanwer

Friends in front of train with Jungfrau mountain in background

“Eurail Global Pass enabled us to acquire discount on trip to Jungfrau! Amazing experience of First Class Eurail Pass!!” Location: Grindelwald, Switzerland. Instagram: @Lalarukhwahab

Wine glass with mountains in the background

“Mountain gazing with a glass of French wine.” Location: Chamonix, France. Instagram: @wonderfulwanderland

Female looking at Romanian scenery from train window.

“Off to Romania via Eurail!” Location: Bucharest, Romania. Instagram: @christopherdamaris

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