Eurail Stories, by You: December

Europe in December can be a winter wonderland… but you can enjoy blue skies too! Eurailers covered a lot of ground last month, from snowy mountainscapes in Switzerland, to stunning lakeside sunsets in Slovenia, and the incredible northern lights in Finnish Lapland. Look back on what happened and get ready for an adventurous 2017.

Our favorite Eurail stories

Houses and mountains at Grindelwald

“Grindelwald is a must-visit.” Location: Jungfrau region, Switzerland. Instagram: @_thegetawaygirl_

Female standing in front of large door in Florence

“Sometimes you realise how small you really are.” Location: Florence, Italy. Instagram: @thekiwicouple

Red shelter on top of mountains in Italy

Rifugio Semenza. Location: Veneto, Italy. Instagram: @paoloarmellin

Female sitting in train with view of Lapland from the window

Location: Finnish Lapland. Instagram: @wandererdasha

Zurich at sunrise

“There’s more to Zurich than meets the eye.” Location: Zurich, Switzerland. Instagram: @_thegetawaygirl_

Waterfall at Plitvice Lakes

“The Plitvice Lakes National Park.” Location: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Instagram: @theblaquesheep

Arc de Triomphe at night

“Eurail is the best way to explore France.” Location: Arc de Triomphe, Paris. Instagram: @Madiha_Adeel_malik

Peles Castle during the day

Peles Castle, Romania. Instagram: @rileysandwith

Couple posing in Hallstatt

“Spending our honeymoon in 12 countries of Europe with Eurail.” Location: Hallstatt, Austria. Instagram: @adrianprtama

Château d'Amboise illuminated at night

“Château d’Amboise – castle of Amboise under the full moon.” Location: Amboise, Loire Valley, France. Instagram: @Janinebessant

Schaffhausen waterfalls through the train window in Switzerland

“Traveling at ease with Eurail Global Pass – from Zurich to the Rhine Falls (Schaffhausen) – the largest horizontal waterfalls in Europe in Switzerland.”

Karlskirche Vienna covered in snow in the evening

“Karlskirche all snowy and glowy.” Location: Vienna. Instagram: @_thegetawaygirl_

Male visiting Santa at Santa Claus Village

“Visiting the old man in Santa Claus Village.” Location: Rovaniemi, Finland. Instagram: @dennisschmelz

Ljubljana water view

“Lovely Ljubljana.” Location: Slovenia. Instagram: @Rileysandwith

Couple at mountains in Innsbruck

“Day after Christmas well spent in the unbelievably amazing Alps in Innsbruck, Austria. Such an amazing experience.” Instagram: @Syd_hardin

Lake Bled at sunset

“Don’t you love when the sun kisses the sky goodnight? Location: Lake Bled, Slovenia”. Instagram: @thekiwicouple

Couple sitting on snow watching the northern lights in Kiruna

“Sitting, waiting, wishing…” Location: Kiruna. Instagram: @dennisschmelz

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