Eurail Stories, by You: January

There are so many unique sights, people, and experiences to discover on a rail trip through Europe. One of the best ways to remember it all is through photographs. In this monthly post we share our favorite Eurail snapshots, captured by YOU! Here are our top picks from January.

Our favorite Eurail snapshots

Eurail Snapshots | Krakow, Poland

“This is the Gothic Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland by night. It’s not a problem to me that it gets dark earlier. That’s when you will see all the beautiful colors on buildings!” Location: Krakow, Poland. Instagram: @nielsdros

Eurail Snapshots | Venice, Italy

“Cruising the streets of Venice, the floating city.” Location: Venice, Italy. Instagram: @shewenttospain

Eurail Snapshots | Mount Jungfrau, Switzerland

“View from the top – of Europe!” Location: Mount Jungfrau, Switzerland. Instagram: @hayleyproblemz

Eurail Snapshots | Broek in Waterland, Netherlands

“We shouldn’t go to the Netherlands for just Amsterdam. Sometimes we want to be alone; we want to discover the nature.” Location: Broek in Waterland, Netherlands. Instagram: @kaaanaydin

Eurail Snapshots | Bergen, Norway

“Bergen at night.” Location: Bergen, Norway. Instagram: @lisagah

Eurail Snapshots | Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

“Cesky Krumlov is a cute town situated a few hours away from Prague. It’s beautiful and magical.” Location: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. Instagram: @meghukeri

Eurail Snapshots | Frankfurt, Germany

“Frankfurt skyline. #nofilter.” Location: Frankfurt, Germany. Instagram: @LoLoLadd

Do you have amazing stories to share? Show other travelers where to go and what is possible with a Eurail Pass. For a chance to be featured, submit your own Eurail photos and captions to our Upload tool. And for more fantastic Eurail destinations (with tips on how to get there!) visit our official Instagram page.

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