Thirsty? Here Are 7 Cities for the Best Craft Beer in Europe

There’s a new wave of craft beer sweeping across the continent. Exciting breweries are putting new spins on the old traditions, and serving up a range of beers to rival the centuries old traditions. If you’re on the hunt for the best craft beer in Europe, hop aboard a train in the direction of one of these fine cities.

Craft beer in Europe

1. Munich, Germany

Yes, Munich serves up over 6 million liters of beer at Oktoberfest each year. That doesn’t mean they’re not up to date with the burgeoning craft scene though. Tried and tested traditional brews dominate the commercialized beer gardens, but new and incredible craft brews are never hard to find in Munich.

One craft brewery to head to: Crew Republic makes some of Germany’s best craft beers. Be sure to sample their Summer Beer and IPA.

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2. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is another beer capital of Europe. It serves up an incredible number of established beer brands. In fact, they drink so much beer that they now pipe it in beneath the city. Beer drinkers around the world celebrate traditional Belgian beers, but don’t forget the smaller craft varieties popping up across the city.

Stock up: At The Bottle Shop. They sell a staggering number of Belgian beers, both craft and mainstream, at reasonable prices.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

As one of the most hedonistic cities on the continent, a pint of cold beer is never very far away in Amsterdam. Though mainstream Dutch and Belgian varieties are common in local bars, craft beer has seen a resurgence of late. You’ll find a selection of impressive craft beers on menus of popular bars. There are also venues that cater solely to local microbreweries.

One craft beer bar not to miss: Proeflokaal Arendsnest serves up over 100 beers from a wide range of Dutch breweries, including some hard-to-find craft beers.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

The Czechs have invented entire beer varietals in the past, so leave it to them to produce some of the continent’s best craft brews. After you’ve had the obligatory Pilsner Urquell and the original Budweiser, treat your tastebuds to something micro. There are dozens of craft beer bars throughout Prague where you’ll find quirky, original venues serving some of the country’s finest creations.

Stock up and drink: At Beer Geek, a relatively new but superbly stocked store. It serves light snacks and brings together some of the city’s most selective beer lovers.

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5. Krakow, Poland

Step aside vodka – this famous Polish city has seen a recent rise in all things beer. These days you’ll find quirky bars serving up everything from questionable home brews to delicious IPAs. They are usually at rock bottom prices, particularly when compared to other craft beer in Europe. Krakow has always known how to do late nights and original bars, but there’s never been a better time for craft beer lovers to visit the city.

One craft beer bar to stop at: Ursa Maior Concept Store and Pub, where beer lovers can sample local craft beers in a quirky setting.

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6. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital is no stranger to beer bars. They range from dive to designer, and these days they’re serving up more and more craft beer varieties. It’ll be hard to avoid the popular mainstream brands that put Copenhagen on the international beer map, but remember to branch out with some of the city’s unique craft brews.

One beer bar not to miss: Mikkeller Bar is one of the best breweries in Denmark. They’ve brewed up hundreds of beers since their inception, and offer more than 350 bottles to choose from.

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7. Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital has for a long time been drenched by mediocre mainstream beers. But there’s a new craft beer revolution sweeping through the city. These days craft breweries and bars are popping up across Madrid, giving beer lovers more options than ever before.

One beer bar not to miss: El Pedal is one of the city’s more laid-back and welcoming bars. With wall murals, recycled wood furniture, and a terrace in summer, there’s no better place to sit back and enjoy a craft beer in the capital.

Travel anywhere in Europe and you’ll see what a significant role beer plays. It’s hardly surprising, given that beer is the world’s oldest alcoholic drink. It’s been around for close to 4,000 years, and is rivaled in the beverage department only by water and tea.

These days it’s not difficult to find good craft beer in Europe. Although most countries have a few big brands that are well worth sampling, there’s no better way to reflect on a day of Eurailing than with a local craft brew served up in an offbeat bar.

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