Best Ideas for Mother’s Day in Europe

If you’re lucky enough to spend Mother’s Day in Europe with your mom, you might wonder what you can do to show her just how grateful you are that she put up with you for all these years. Fear not – here are 8 unique ideas that you can mix in with a Eurail trip to show your mother just how much you love her.

Mother’s Day in Europe ideas

1. Visit a famous garden

Tulips in Keukenhof Garden Netherlands | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

Flowers and Mother’s Day often go hand-in-hand. But for a unique twist on the traditional approach, take your mother to a local garden. Europeans have impressive floral skills. An afternoon walking amongst roses, neatly trimmed hedges, and captivating water features is much more memorable than a bunch of wilting daisies.

Insider tip: There are dozens of picturesque gardens that are perfect for spending Mother’s Day in Europe. A quick Google search will reveal the most popular in your area. If you’re in the Netherlands, a trip to Keukenhof Garden is a very special outing.

2. Visit a museum

Senior woman visiting a museum | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

Your mother helped you become the person you are today, so the least you can do is accompany her to a museum that matches her interests. By now you should know if she likes Monet or Picasso, ancient sculptures, or modern art. Read up on museums in your area and surprise her with two entry tickets.

3. Go wine tasting

Wine tasting in Chianti Tuscany, Italy | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

Make up for 21 (or 18) years of watching your mother drinking fine wines and finally join her at a wine farm for a tasting experience. Many European countries make exquisite wines, and most estates offer some form of wine tasting and fine dining experiences.

Insider tip: With a bit of research, you could find free wine tastings and tours for a cost-effective way to spend an afternoon.

4. Do a chocolate making course

Chocolate making course | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

Forget the generic box of supermarket chocolates and treat your mother to a full-on chocolate making course. You’ll find courses in many large European cities, but they are understandably popular in the likes of Switzerland and Belgium. Ask a local chocolate store if they offer courses or if they have information on courses in the region.

Insider tip: If you’re taking the GoldenPass line with a true chocoholic, don’t miss a trip on the Chocolate Train that travels up La Maison du Gruyère.

5. Picnic in a park

Picnic area with view of Austrian Alps | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

Organize a picnic in a local park. It’s one of the best, budget-friendly ways to show your mother how grateful you are. Provided the weather is suitable, there are few better ways to relax with a family member than in a large European park with a few choice snacks. Plan ahead, visit a supermarket, and make sure you take care of all arrangements (such as blankets, glasses, cutlery, crockery, and of course her favorite food).

Insider tip: Not all European parks are open for picnicking. If in doubt, read up online before you arrive laden with edibles.

6. Take to the skies

Helicopter flight over Malaga Spain | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

If your mother is the daring kind, then why not take to the skies? A scenic helicopter flight or paragliding trip may not come cheap, but there’s a good chance you’ll both emerge with an even stronger bond.

Insider tip: Paragliding Earth has a comprehensive list of most European jump sites.

7. Watch a theater or dance performance

Ballerina legs during performance | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

Treat your mother to a show in a stunning European venue. There are plays, operas, dance performances, and concerts taking place across the continent throughout the year. Check online for local events and book ahead if you think it will sell out. Even if performances aren’t your first choice for an evening activity, they almost always offer a unique window into local culture and practices.

Insider tip: If you’re a money-watching last-minute kind of person, you can often score cheap tickets at the box office a few hours before the performance. Just be prepared to come back empty-handed, or to get seats far from the action.

8. Take a scenic train ride

Scenic rail trip over viaduct in Switzerland | Ideas for Mother's Day in Europe

There’s nothing like an incredible scenic train ride to show your mom true gratitude this Mother’s Day. Fortunately, scenic train routes abound throughout Europe. You’ll find a special train trip in most countries, but if you’re looking for something truly memorable, reserve a seat on one of the scenic rides.

Insider tip: One of the best scenic train rides is the GoldenPass line. It’s included in your Eurail Pass with no additional reservations necessary. Time it so you can ride the GoldenPass Classic train between Zweisimmen and Lake Geneva for an extra special experience.

Mother’s Day may be commercial, but it’s still a perfect time to show your mother just how much you love her. And if you’re going to spend Mother’s Day in Europe with her on a Eurail trip, these ideas will further entrench your relationship.

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