The Best Honeymoon Destinations In Europe

If you’re about to tie the knot, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for honeymoon destinations in Europe. There’s no shortage of romantic cities you can reach by train, and Europe is perfect for celebrating your new marriage. If you’re thinking about spending your honeymoon traveling Europe by rail, here are five places to consider.

Honeymoon Destinations in Europe


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There are few countries in the world as romantic as Italy. Candlelit dinners, quiet walks down cobblestone streets, lights twinkling on harbor waters… even the language oozes romance. Italy also makes for a diverse and intriguing rail destination. The Italian rail network provides easy transport between major centers, so you won’t get stressed planning routes and itineraries.

Ultimate honeymoon itinerary:

Start with the painfully romantic canals of Venice. From Venice you can easily connect by rail to other legendary places like Bologna, Florence, the Cinque Terre, and Rome. If time allows, keep going to the Amalfi Coast to round off the ultimate Italian honeymoon.


Spain and Portugal

Spain and Portugal make for ideal honeymoon bedfellows. Their residents are warm and passionate; the scenery and attractions beautiful and diverse. They’re also easily traversed by rail. Whether you’re into museums, architecture, the outdoors, small towns, or big cities, these two destinations will have your honeymoon covered. Each country provides enough for an idyllic honeymoon on its own, but combining the two offers unique insight two distinct and popular nations.

Ultimate honeymoon itinerary:

You could start in either Spain or Portugal and travel in a circular route. There are no rail connections in the south, but you can easily hop aboard a bus for the short border crossing to the Algarve. Romantic honeymoon cities to include: Lisbon, Porto, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada.


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If there were an award for most romantic city in the world, Paris would surely be a top contender. The city has everything a honeymooning couple could wish for – fine dining, romantic avenues, and long blissful walks along an iconic river. The rest of France has a lot to offer too, which is why it’s a perfect honeymoon destination. A rapid TGV ride will connect you to almost all corners of the country.

Ultimate honeymoon itinerary:

Start in Paris and spend as long as you need there. From the capital, history buffs may want to explore the northern coastline. When it comes to idyllic honeymoon destinations, few can compete with the south. Hop aboard a TGV and head to Provence. Aix en Provence is the most popular entry point into the region. You could also consider destinations on the Riviera, such as Nice, or move towards the mountains to enjoy the canals of Annecy.


The Swiss may not have a reputation of being Europe’s most romantic or passionate, but the country’s scenery is amongst the most inspiring in the world. Charming alpine villages, spotless riverside cities, and a guaranteed stress-free rail network make this one of the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds looking to splurge.

Ultimate honeymoon itinerary:

Start in Zurich or Lucerne, and make your way on the Golden Pass train to Lake Geneva. You can make stops in Lauterbrunnen or any other small village that captures your imagination. The magical town of Vevey has a truly unique energy perfect for any honeymoon. If budget and time allows, continue east to Zermatt and cement your new marriage with the most iconic scenic Swiss rail journey of them all – the Glacier Express.


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If blue skies and clear waters get your heart racing, then plot your honeymoon for Greece. The capital may be big and bustling, but it holds unique charm and a fascinating history. Unlike the itineraries above, most Greek honeymoons will likely involve less traveling and more soaking up idyllic sunsets, usually with a cocktail or two and a seemingly endless platter of the freshest seafood.

Ultimate honeymoon itinerary:

You’ll probably need to start in Athens, but from there you should head to the coast. Hop aboard a yacht or sailboat and head to either the Cyclades or Dodecanese. Corfu offers a romantic atmosphere, but most honeymooning couples only have one Greek honeymoon image in mind – the whitewashed walls, jagged cliffs and crystal clear waters of the Aegean in Santorini.

Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic

If you’re looking for history, diversity, and romantic European cities, then head to Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Vienna deals in classical beauty, with stunning buildings, museums, horse and carriage rides, and dramatic musical performances. Budapest, with her buildings and the grand Danube that divides the city, makes for possibly the most unexpectedly romantic destination in Europe. And Prague needs little introduction for the romantics at heart. It has beautiful buildings, bustling streets, and, of course, moonlit walks across Charles Bridge.

Ultimate honeymoon itinerary:

Start up north in Prague, and make your way to Vienna. There are several direct daily trains between the two cities. You can also consider visiting other destinations in the Czech Republic to break the journey, such as Cesky Krumlov or Olomouc. The train ride between Vienna and Budapest is quick and comfortable, especially if you do it aboard the efficient Austrian RailJet trains.

Picking honeymoon destinations in Europe can be a difficult task. Do you aim for a diverse adventure, or focus it in on a single city? Are you happy to spend a large amount of money, or do you want to keep it low-key? Whatever your personal preferences are, a Eurail Pass can help you create a truly memorable honeymoon experience.

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