Dimitris Hall

Dimitris Hall is the editor of Spotted by Locals, city guides featuring insider tips by locals in nearly 70 cities around the world. Half-Greek, half-Australian and an Athens insider ("Spotter") himself, he enjoys writing about local travel, sustainability and where culture, nature and technology meet.

Where the locals go in Turin



Did you know that Turin was the Kingdom of Italy’s first capital? Torino, the capital of Piedmont, or Piemonte, is in the mountains in the foot of the Alps, and is traditionally on...

Where the locals go in Bucharest



Romania initiated its transition from communism almost exactly 30 years ago with the execution of Nicolae Ceaușescu on Christmas Day 1989. Since then, Bucharest has opened up to th...

Where the locals go in Warsaw



Warsaw is figuratively and literally the connector between Europe’s East (Vilnius, Minsk) and West (Berlin). The obvious Cold War associations are still there, but the Polish capit...

Where the locals go in Brussels



Ah, Brussels. The capital of Belgium and… Europe? Well, it is of the European Union at least, and many Europeans closely identify it with all the fun and joy of bureaucracy, politi...

Where the Locals go in Manchester



England and the UK in general is famous for giving birth to railway and is of course a popular European destination to this day. But what percentage of visitors to Britain stray fr...

Where the locals go in Bern



Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and with its central location, is perfectly primed to be an ideal stop if you’re visiting Europe’s highest mountain range. You might think you a...

Where the locals go in Thessaloniki



Thessaloniki might be Greece’s ‘co-capital’, as it’s often referred to within the country, but that’s no reason to skip it. In fact, this city is an ideal gateway to the Balkans, w...

Where the locals go in The Hague



Travelling to the Netherlands? You’re probably considering Amsterdam and/or Rotterdam as possible destinations already, but how about The Hague? The oft-overlooked Dutch city has a...

Where the Locals go in Cologne



The largest city on the Rhine, Cologne seems to have it all, including a convenient location: Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Paris are all four hours by train, so it’s worth d...

Where the Locals Go in Sofia



Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria in the beating heart of the southern Balkans (with connections to Romania, Greece, Serbia and North Macedonia), is another frequently misunderstood c...