New countries, trains and more: here’s what’s new in 2020

Are you ready to go Eurailing in the new year, because 2020 is here! Every year we try to add new countries, trains and benefits to our Pass, and we can say we’ve succeeded in that with some very nice additions for the coming year. And you thought Christmas was over ;).

Estonia and Latvia are now included

Latvia and Estonia included in the Pass | What's new in 2020

Estonia (top image) and Latvia have been included in the Eurail Pass

Yeah! After we included Lithuania in the Pass last year, it was just a matter of time before we’d add Latvia and Estonia… So here we are! The last two Baltic countries are now fully included in our Pass, so start planning your trip to the north. Visit the amazing capitals, Riga and Tallinn, and many other highlights. Check out our awesome Baltic itinerary and read up on trains in Latvia and Estonia.

Thello is now fully included

Thello included in the Eurail Pass | What's new in 2020

From January 1 you’ll not just get a discount anymore: the Thello is now fully included in the Pass (reservations for the night train are mandatory).

Thello runs trains between Italy and France, from Paris to Venice (night train) and Marseille to Milan. In the past years Eurailers got a discount when they showed their Pass, but since yesterday these trains are fully included!

Reservations are, as always, not included in your Pass. For the day trains there are no mandatory reservations, however, because this is a popular train and route we recommend you to make a seat reservation (€3 for both 1st and 2nd class). For the night train a seat or accommodation reservation is mandatory. Find out more on our dedicated Thello page.

Youth discount increased to 25%

Youth discount has been increased | What's new in 2020

The discount for Youth Passes has been increased to 25%!

Our Pass started out as an accessible way of travel for youngsters, and nowadays young people are still the biggest group of travelers (thanks for the love, guys!), and from now on we can even give you a bigger discount. From January 1 the discount for the Global Pass will increase to a whopping 25%! So, gather your friends and start planning your 2020 Eurail trip.


Happy Eurailing!