8 Winter Train Travel Moments with Eurail

During our last winter Eurail journey through Europe’s coldest corners of Scandinavia and Switzerland, we drank in spectacular views of snow-quilted fjords, valleys, and ski slopes – all from the comfort and warmth of the train. This trip gave us the chance to experience some of the most magnificent train routes we’ve been on and we’d like to share them with you. Enjoy our top eight winter train travel moments.

1. Admiring fjords and frozen lakes aboard the Arctic Circle train

Winter train travel - frozen lake Sweden

Winter train travel | Frozen lake near Abisko, Sweden.

Our first train journey with the Eurail Global Pass was on the Arctic Circle train, the northernmost route in Europe. From Kiruna in the Swedish Lapland to Narvik in northern Norway, the train slushed through the stunning snow-filled landscapes of Lapland. This particular scene was deeply etched in our mind as the train rode right on the edge of the Abisko Mountains. The slopes were on our left, and a view of the fjords and frozen lakes to our right. It was undoubtedly the most magnificent view of the journey.

2. Experiencing Flåm Railway, one of the world’s steepest railway lines

Winter train travel - Flåm Railway Station, Norway

Winter train travel | Flåm Railway Station, Norway.

During our journey from Oslo to Bergen in Norway, we made a detour at Myrdal station to hop onto the Flåm Railway. It’s lauded as one of the most beautiful train journeys in Norway. The journey climbs all the way to an altitude of 865 meters above sea level, through deep ravines, frozen waterfalls (that cascade down the mountain slopes in summer), and mountain farms that cling to the steep edges. The 20km journey is one of the world’s steepest railway routes. It has a gradient of 55/1000 on almost 80% of the way.

This picture was taken during one of the train stops, at the frozen Kjosfossen waterfall, where we drank in a view of the Flåm Valley as well. Eurail Pass Holders get a discount on the Flåm Railway attraction.

3. The coldest moment of our winter train travel trip: Kiruna, Sweden

Winter train travel - Kiruna, Lapland, Sweden

Winter train travel | Winter landscape, Kiruna, Lapland, Sweden.

When the Arctic Circle train stopped quickly in Kiruna on our way to Narvik, we encountered the coldest temperature on our journey. With an astonishing -45ºC (-49ºF) on the thermometer, the cold air was dry and brutal as we stepped out of the train to feel it. Shivering and laughing, we joined a few other travelers and snapped some shots of the frosty railway tracks.

4. Hiking in the Pine Woods of Boden, Sweden

Winter train travel - Pine Forest, Boden, Sweden

Winter train travel | Pine Forest, Boden, Sweden.

It was -35ºC (-31ºF) in Boden, Sweden but the sun came out to play. The sparkling white snow and beautiful weather seemed perfect for a short hike around the Harads Forest. Here, acres of pine woods sprawled across the hilly terrain. It was a beautiful spot for walking. But after an hour out in the cold, our hair was turning into thin ice filaments and frost was forming on our eyelashes. Brrr!

5. VIP treatment on the Glacier Express scenic route

Winter train travel - Glacier Express, Switzerland

Winter train travel | Riding the Glacier Express scenic train in Switzerland.

A train journey through Europe would not be complete without experiencing the world-famous Glacier Express scenic train in Switzerland. Even though the route wasn’t fully covered by the Eurail Pass (although it is from 2017!), we knew it was a journey we didn’t want to miss. It definitely did not disappoint. The 7-hour journey from St Moritz to Zermatt brought us from the east of the Swiss Alps to the western edge.

Zipping high up into the mountains, the train passed through pristine mountain landscapes, deep gorges, beautiful valleys, 91 tunnels, and 291 bridges. Find out how to take the Glacier Express with the Eurail Pass.

6. Admiring the legendary Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland

Winter train travel - Zermatt, Switzerland

Winter train travel | Train arriving in Zermatt, Switzerland.

After traveling extensively in Switzerland, our favorite place in the country has to be Zermatt. It’s perched in a valley right in the middle of the Alps and has dozens of snow-filled tracks. This ski town is a paradise for winter sport enthusiasts. But beyond that, Zermatt is a charming town. It has clusters of wooden lodges and alpine huts stacked on steep slopes and cafes lining snow-filled boulevards. On a clear day, the view of the Matterhorn mountain from many viewpoints is nothing short of spectacular.

7. Glimpsing Lake Geneva on the Golden Pass route

Winter train travel - Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Winter train travel | The impressive Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

On our way to Lausanne on the Golden Pass scenic railway, we were told to prepare for the mind-blowing scenery. This moment came when we emerged from a tunnel to see the impressive Lake Geneva and its surrounding wineries before us. Later that day we learnt that this tunnel is appropriately nicknamed “the WOW tunnel” by locals. The Eurail Pass fully covers the Golden Pass route.

8. Watching the Northern Lights in Abisko, Sweden

Winter train travel - Northern Lights, Abisko, Sweden

Winter train travel | Northern Lights, Abisko, Sweden.

Watching the Aurora Borealis light up the dark skies of Lapland has always been on our bucket list. After an unsuccessful attempt in Iceland 2 years ago, we planned our trip to include arguably the best place to see the northern lights: Abisko National Park in Sweden. After a few cloudy nights, nature gave us a spectacular show. The sky danced and swayed with psychedelic green and yellow colors.

Keen to discover Europe by rail in all its winter glory? Find out about the different Eurail Passes. And be sure to enjoy winter train travel!