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5 Unexpectedly Great Foodie Cities in Europe



Europe has no shortage of celebrated food capitals. With global culinary powerhouses like France, Italy, and Spain, food tourism is one of the continent’s major attractions. But if...

Top 10 Places to Visit in the Balkans by Train



Tucked down in the southeastern part of Europe is a region you may have heard of before, but might not have considered including in your travel plans for a variety of reasons: The ...

9 tips for exploring the Balkans by rail



The Balkans are perhaps the final frontier for adventurous train travel in Europe. By adventurous, I mean “no frills” but incredibly rich in raw travel experiences. Communism and c...

Europe’s 10 must-see natural wonders



Europe is about more than just big cities. Natural wonders in Europe abound, and the extensive train network means you can also visit many of the continent’s more remote area...

Outdoor activities near Lake Bled, Slovenia



Lake Bled is hemmed in by the stunning Julian Alps and quilted in verdant greenery and dubbed as one of the last wildernesses of Slovenia. In the area surrounding Lake Bled, there ...