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A Beginner’s Guide to Germany with Eurail



As the economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany is a favored destination for Eurail travelers. This is thanks to its central location at the heart of the Old World, as well as its fi...

9 Easy Ways to Be a Sustainable Eurail Traveler



If you’re considering getting a Eurail Pass for your trip around Europe, then you’re already thinking of traveling in a green way. This is fantastic news and it doesn’t need to sto...

9 Reasons to Eurail Through Europe



I’ve taken buses, car trips, and been crammed onto low cost flights but my favorite way to experience Europe is by train. Trail travel isn’t just about getting from A to B; the jou...

How to Plan Your Eurail Itinerary



Do you see yourself riding the rails around Europe in the near future? Train travel has its advantages, practical ease, and freedom, not to mention the romance of the most scenic l...

When to Go on a Eurail Trip



How to decide when to go on a Eurail trip! Despite the popularity of the summer, travel in Europe has advantages in all seasons. Ample holiday time and good weather lead to heavy c...

Top 10 Shopping Cities in Europe by Train



Europe has museums, culture and art. But why not scoop up some of that art, history and culture during a shopping spree across Europe by train? This top 10 of shopping cities in Eu...

Sustainable Travel by Train in Europe



You probably already know that train travel is a much greener way to travel than flying. But what you might not realize is that fuel consumption aside, planes also contribute to gl...