Stephen Bugno

Stephen's been exploring the small cities, inspiring architecture, unfiltered beers, and local foods of the European continent every chance he gets.

How to Get to San Marino



San Marino is Europe’s third smallest state and its territory is completely surrounded by Italy. Founded in 301, San Marino claims to be the world’s oldest republic. Th...

How to Visit Liechtenstein by Rail



Although Liechtenstein has a great location in a gorgeous alpine setting, much of the appeal when you visit Liechtenstein is simply for the novelty. And that’s alright. The c...

Train Travel in Italy: A Guide



Italy is one of Europe’s most compelling destinations. Picture the snow-capped Alps in the north, and the centuries-old vineyards of Sicily. What were once numerous separate ...

Norway’s Stunning Rauma Scenic Train Ride



The Rauma scenic train ride in Norway is one of the most spectacular routes in Europe. Norway is known for its dramatic landscape of deep fjords and soaring mountains, as well as i...

10 Best Small Cities in Europe



The major European cities have their obvious draws, but what about small cities in Europe? This side of Europe gives the traveler a more intimate look at local life and culture wit...

How to Plan Your Eurail Itinerary



Do you see yourself riding the rails around Europe in the near future? Train travel has its advantages, practical ease, and freedom, not to mention the romance of the most scenic l...

When to Go on a Eurail Trip



How to decide when to go on a Eurail trip! Despite the popularity of the summer, travel in Europe has advantages in all seasons. Ample holiday time and good weather lead to heavy c...

Top 10 Wine Regions in Europe by Train



There are hundreds of wine regions in Europe, many of which are accessible by train. Defining the top 10 wine regions in Europe is therefore quite a challenge. That being said, if ...