Stephen Bugno

Stephen's been exploring the small cities, inspiring architecture, unfiltered beers, and local foods of the European continent every chance he gets.

Spring In Europe: The Best Countries For 2017



Spending spring in Europe is an excellent idea. Locals are coming out of hibernation as temperatures warm up and days become longer. Life is beginning to take hold in the continent...

4 Stunning Cities In Belgium By Train



Belgium’s compact size, minimal language barrier, and multicultural composition make it one of Europe’s top destinations. Toss in some world-famous fries, mussels, choc...

5 Day Trips From Madrid (By Train)



Madrid is a city is teeming with world-class art, delicious cuisine, and some of the best nightlife in Europe. The youthful energy, love of life, and Old World charm of the Spanish...

4 Gorgeous Cities In Switzerland (By Train)



Switzerland’s rail system is one of Europe’s finest. It has speedy trains, on-time arrivals, spotless cabins, and scenic routes that pass through some of the continent&...

How to get to San Marino



San Marino is Europe’s third smallest state and its territory is completely surrounded by Italy. Founded in 301, San Marino claims to be the world’s oldest republic. Th...