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On the Eurail Blog find a dose of a travel inspiration for your Eurail European rail experience! Our bloggers are experts on getting around Europe the best way possible – on the extensive network of rail tracks that meander from one fascinating city to the next. Hopping on and off trains Europe-wide, they’ll bring you useful tips on getting the most out of your Eurail pass for a European travel adventure you’ll treasure forever.

The Eurail train pass

The Eurail pass is a European train pass that lets you explore up to 24 countries in comfort and with ease. As you move between Europe’s top destination, you’ll get mindblowing views from the train window and stumble upon other travelers from across the world. The Eurail pass is available especially for non-European travelers. If you’re European, you can explore Europe with an InterRail pass. Visit: www.interrail.eu.

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